Exploring Maui and Kauai in Hawaii

There are plenty of exciting places to visit in Hawaii. The main places to go are of course beaches. Maui is one island that is home to some of the best beaches to explore. The western part of Maui is home to Ka’anapali beach outside Lahaina village. This is the go-to place for those who want to take a break from the sand and sun. The village is well shaded and has beautiful historical trails as well as art galleries.

Enjoy whale watching

Maui big beach in Hawaii

The season for whale watching starts in December and runs through to April. It is a time when humpback whales migrate from the Alaska cold waters to the warm waters of Hawaii. The whales migrate to breed and nurse their young ones. According to the Pacific Whale Foundation, the sighting can start in September and go on till May. For the best sight, visit Lahaina.

Volcanos on Maui

The most popular tourist attraction feature in Maui is the dormant volcano Haleakala. It is the second tallest point in Hawaii, after Mauna Kea. To visit the site, you need to be part of a tour group or you will be forced to have a car of your own. It is a two-hour drive to the summit of the volcano with several lookout points along the way. Due to the altitude, the summit is very cold thus you will need to pack a jacket. Watching the sunrise from the top is spectacular. Just drive up very early in the morning to get up in time. At the volcano, you will also get to enjoy horse riding through the hiking trails. If you are daring enough, you can decide to bike down the volcano, something that I must try out soon.

Na Pali coast

It is one of the best views on Kauai island. Although some people find it isolated, I find it the real natural, especially on the western parts. There are no roads on that part and thus it is literally untouched. Unfortunately, some areas can only be viewed by taking a helicopter ride. However, you can also go around the coastline with a boat or kayak. There is adventure lying in hiking the Kalalau. It is an 11-mile stretch running from Kalalau beach to Kee beach that is usually broken down in two days.


Several impressive waterfalls are found in Kauai. Two of the waterfalls can only be accessed by a car. Wailua falls can be viewed from the road since it is only a few miles from the downtown. There is no need to take a hike to reach the falls. Driving uphill to Ma’alo road will get you there. Opaeka’a falls, on the other hand, can be viewed from Kuamo’o road. For a greater close view, however, you will need to hike past the viewpoint on the highway.